My dream place

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 The first place that I dream well was a pieaseant field with a pond of deer water in it .Trees made shadows over the pond and water 万博manbetx官网登录博彩资讯平台,创办至今已经有三年左右的历史了,万博体育manbetx官网拥有全球最火爆齐全的游戏项目,英超联赛直播万博在亚洲老虎机娱乐坛上赫赫有名的娱乐城,万博manbetx官网登录官网在开发之初就设计了诸多人性化的功能和特性,省去繁琐的麻烦,让您轻松操作。 plants grew at the deep end .On one side was another field and on the other side we looked over a gate at my best friend's house with stood at the hills .At the top of our field were more tall trees ,and at the bottom was a fast-runing stream.      But in our life. no place like it .The 万博manbetx官网登录博彩资讯平台,创办至今已经有三年左右的历史了,万博体育manbetx官网拥有全球最火爆齐全的游戏项目,英超联赛直播万博在亚洲老虎机娱乐坛上赫赫有名的娱乐城,万博manbetx官网登录官网在开发之初就设计了诸多人性化的功能和特性,省去繁琐的麻烦,让您轻松操作。 environment was polluted by humen stream are no longer dear .There are few trees.I can't find a place like my dream place.